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The Sebastopol Downtown Association serves the downtown assessment district in Sebastopol, CA. Our purpose is to promote, nurture and cultivate downtown vitality.

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The Press Democrat wrote a fabulous article in 2013, it is no longer posted online.



We are continuing to spice up Sebastopol holiday decor this year with colorful light orbs to hang in the trees! Representatives from the Sebastopol Chamber, Cittaslow, City Hall, Public Works and your own SDA have banded together to design a welcoming display that will last for years to come.

This is a community event came together in 2013 and continues through the years as we hand make the orbs with chicken wire and string them with lights. Previous Council Member Kathleen Shaffer paved the way with work on Main Street holiday lighting opening doors for us with Public Works, SD & E and the potential for more.

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Generosity of time and energy is a tremendous gift.
A special thanks to:

City Hall, Dante, Eric and Nathan with Public Works for storage and installation of the holiday lighting.

Teresa Romando and The Sebastopol Area Chamber of Commerce for donating work tables, work space, negotiating hanging solutions and support where needed in general.

Doug Bishop and Sebastopol Hardware for custom extension cords and the donation of the labor to build them at lightening speed.

Rick Goodman for the loan of his wire cutters, wire cutting skills and electrical knowledge.

Randy Coffman, CPS Real Estate for supplies.

Denice Cull (light ball guru), May Grul of Dressers Clothing, Buffie Harris of Design Orbit, Lena Moffat Wilson of Rosemary's Garden, Jay Blums fine artist, and Michael Steel for crafting the spheres.

The Rental Place for the donation of much of the bucket truck.

Lisa and Maya of Cornerstone.

Sasha and Shane Sterling of Funk and Flash.

Financial contributions allow us to purchase the wire, lights, and misc items needed to light up Sebastopol. A special thanks to:

Bill Facendini, Terra Firma Global Partners

The Sebastopol Area Chamber of Commerce

The Boblitt Family

Cittaslow Sebastopol

Jim Michelson, Coldwell Banker

Sarah Gurney

Larry McLaughlin

Whole Foods