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The Sebastopol Downtown Association serves the downtown assessment district in Sebastopol, CA. Our purpose is to promote, nurture and cultivate downtown vitality.

SDA ByLaws

The SDA ByLaws provide the organization and container for which the SDA exists.

The language of some passages is currently being updated to modernize the text. The SDA Board of Directors  is also suggesting edits to the term requirements of acting Board Members. Any changes to the ByLaws needs to be voted upon by the members of the SDA district.

The amendment explaining how bylaws may be changed is found in Article XI: Amendment of ByLaws, Section I, Subsection A and B found on page 12.

If you are a member of the Assessment District and received a letter requesting for you to review the bylaws please follow the link to view the bylaws and submit your response to the Board. 

Modifications to the ByLaws can be Found on Pages: 1,2,3,5,6,7,10,12