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Engage with Your Local Government

“If we don't participate with our government, we become the subject of it.”

Do You Have Concerns/Suggestions About Our Downtown that You Would Like Addressed?

Consider emailing your City Council members:

Mayor Neysa Hinton:

Vice Mayor Patrick Slayter:

Councilmember Michael Carnacchi:

Councilmember Sara Glade Gurney:

Councilmember Una Glass:

You may also write directly to our City Clerk Mary Gourley and request that your letter be forwarded to the entire Council at:

City Council Meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month

(unless otherwise posted on their website)


Sonoma West Times & News Advertising Rep: Teresa Elward:

Press Democrat Advertising Rep: Robert Manley:

Discount Advertising Rates are Available - Email the SDA for More Details

Other Agencies

Explore the Services Offered by Each of These Organizations to Enhance Your Business and Visibility

SDA ByLaws

The SDA ByLaws provide the organization and container for which the SDA exists.

The language of some passages has been modernized. The SDA Board of Directors has also voted to extend the term limit of Board Members from one year terms to a two year term. The current Board of Directors for 2018 will remain for 2019.